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Songs for Tiny Signers!

Stacey Peasley's Songs for Tiny Signers is a mini-course and song collection that features 9 original, vocabulary-building songs by Stacey Peasley, award-winning children's musician, in collaboration with Lane Rebelo, bestselling author and founder of Tiny Signs.


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What our customers say...

You'll be smiling from ear to ear watching your little learn to communicate!

Denise H.

Being able to communicate with your little one before they're even able to speak to you is worth everything.

Sara D.

Thank you for creating resources that are so easy for me to use as I have mommy brain.

Michelle H.

My little guy is just starting to pick up signs and I can’t wait to introduce more!

Megan G.


I'm Lane and I'm here to help you succeed with baby signing

I've helped hundreds of thousands of parents, grandparents, caregivers, and early childhood professionals unlock the secrets to early communication through my classes, workshops, online courses, printables, and four bestselling books.

I created the Tiny Signs Shop to make my BEST tips & tricks accessible to anyone looking for ways to incorporate American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary into communication, with a focus on playing, singing, and reading.

Whether you're just getting starting, looking for fresh ideas, or seeking to incorporate signing into your work as an early childhood professional, I know you'll find something in the shop to help you reach your goals!